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Headquartered in Anchorage, Alaska, North Star Law Group, LLC represents clients from all walks of life.  Specializing in civil litigation matters, the attorneys at North Star Law Group help business owners, corporations, homeowners, and individuals, navigate the legal system from the seed of a dispute to the final award.  You will have access to experienced litigation counsel who will not only protect your rights, but also assist you in obtaining a just result. We bring extensive knowledge, experience, and professionalism to every case, and customize our support to your individual needs and concerns.

Our attorneys understand the needs of Alaskans.  In a world where the intersection of technology and the law is becoming exponentially more complex, effective representation depends on an advocate's ability to read the pulse of modern technology and the court system of today.  North Star Law Group operates on the frontier of technology and legal practice, and continues to monitor the evolution of the Alaska legal system to inform our own legal approaches—all to give you exceptional advice that you can confidently rely on.

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Areas of Practice

BUSiness litigation

Representing clients both large and small, our firm has the necessary skills to vigorously litigate all forms of business disputes, and to work within the confines of alternative resolution when necessary.  The attorneys of North Star Law Group understand that the litigation process can be unpredictable.  We are prepared to pivot quickly to respond to changing circumstances and lend an experienced hand to guide clients through the unfamiliar processes of litigation, mediation, and arbitration.

Intellectual property

Demystifying intellectual property law is in itself a creative practice. It requires finesse, strategic structuring, and in many ways, empathy. At the end of the day, intellectual property and its worth are profoundly personal. Despite the unknowable personal worth, intellectual property is governed by strict rules and incredibly complex technical requirements.  Our firm is prepared to help you navigate these rules to protect your inventions, processes, work product, and reputation. 

Real estate

The attorneys of North Star Law Group are experienced the field of real estate law, including non-judicial foreclosures, land use, and property disputes.  We are able to offer clients peace of mind in dealing with the technical and complex legal issues that arise in the context of real estate disputes.  Our firm is equipped to handle the many difficulties that can materialize during and after the foreclosure process, as well as competently answer your land use and property dispute questions.  


Taking an appeal to the Alaska Supreme Court requires extensive research of precedent and legislative history, and a thorough understanding of the appellate process.  Our attorneys are comfortable with the appeals process, and revel in the discovery of the tiny details that will convince the Alaska Supreme Court to rule in your favor.  By providing honest feedback through a fresh set of eyes, we can help you to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses your arguments on appeal. 

landlord/tenant EVICTIONS

Our firm represents both commercial and residential landlords on in a wide range of legal issues. From drafting leases and settlement agreements to the eviction of tenants, our clients are protected and represented with vigor and integrity.  Drafting effective agreements requires resourcefulness and creativity, while enforcing statutes and ordinances requires knowledge and fortitude.  North Star Law Group gives you a competitive advantage in negotiation as well as litigation in these matters. 


Collecting amounts due or judgments owed is a bit like the Wild West. While there may be a lot of potential in a collection case, the rules can seem convoluted and vague at best. The collections process can be further obfuscated by parties who actively seek to avoid or hide assets.  North Star Law Group has the the tenacity to pursue these collections on your behalf, our attorneys have the tools and resources to provide you with the best chance of recovery. 


Without a struggle, there can be no progress.
— Frederick Douglass


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